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Activator - D lyrics

D, D, drugs man
No house
No techno
No rave
Drugs man, capital D drugs
I did my share
I did my share and your share and his share
I did a lot

Oh my god, we have some fat f**king
D [?x]

D, D, drugs man, capital D, drugs [3x]
D, D, drugs man
That cocaine's pretty good

D [?x]

No house, no techno, no rave

I have the solution to the drug problem in this country
Nobody wants to hear it, but I have it
Not less drugs, more drugs
Get more drugs, and give 'em the right f**king people

No house, no techno, no rave

I grew when drugs were drugs man, we did 'em all goddamnit!
We did every f**king drug that was to be had, we did 'em all!
We did f**king handfuls of mushrooms, pills, ludes, coke
Whatever it was, we just f**kin' swallowed it, okay?
That's what we did (did [?x])

That cocaine's pretty good [2x]

D, D, drugs man, capital D, drugs [2x]
D [?x]

Drugs man
D [?x]

Capital D, drugs
No house, no techno, no rave

Cover: Activator - D
  • Veteran Of Style (Part 2) (Sampler 1)

  • Year
  • 2015

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Spoken by Denis Leary.

3 lyrics with the source Denis Leary
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