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Promo - Remedy Your Flaws lyrics

Thousands of imperial guards
A moat, deep and wide
Dogs, wolves
How did this scum penetrate our defenses?

- You believe that to be true?
- I believe your heart and your mind are true to one another

I will remedy your flaws

How did this scum penetrate our defenses?

A moat, deep and wide
Dogs, wolves

To erase your doubts and ease your fears
I will wrestle the best of you

There are so many rules
It is the rules that build the walls
And no matter how we wish to break those walls down
The rules allow no margin

So there we are, resting our hands on either side of the divide
No matter the side, we are just people
That's why I did what I did
For you people

Cover: Promo - Remedy Your Flaws
  • Analog Mind In A D1g1tal World

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  • 2015

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From episodes s01e05, S01E04 and S01E07 of the TV-series 'Marco Polo' (2014).

2 lyrics with the source Marco Polo
1 Imil Balanced Terror/Speedcore 2018
BadPritt 8 years, 11 months ago
Besides episode S01E05, there are also quotes from S01E04 and S01E07
Thanks for the help!
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