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DKaos - Epistemic lyrics

Why have you come here tonight?
What are you hoping to see?
Do you think I should surprise you?
Do you think I should entertain you?
What are you looking at so closely?
What do you know about me?
How much do you believe?
How much do you want to believe?

It is a deep, painful urgency of the animal forced to live in darkness
Which finally opens his eyes and voraciously demands light
With a howl of rage!
What is it you've come to see? This?
Have you come to see this? [2x]

Cover: DKaos - Epistemic
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  • 2015

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From the movie 'Red Lights' (2012).
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1 Artic Unconceivable Hardstyle 2014
2 Crossfiyah Rage Hardcore/Gabber 2013
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