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Rednek - I'm Not Skrillex (Original Mix) lyrics

I don't live in a trailer
This ain't my real voice
I'm not racist
I don't drive a pickup truck

I don't really understand why that keeps coming out
Of all y'all motherf**king mouths (bitches!)
I guess now I'm redneck
Now I'm redneck

Cover: Rednek - I'm Not Skrillex (Original Mix)
  • I'm Not Skrillex

  • Year
  • 2011

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Top achievedBETA
#2 Daily Dubstep

Samples the Youtube video "I am Redneck, Hear Me Roar?" by FatRants.
The line "I'm redneck" is played in reverse several times throughout the track.

Official music video:
2 lyrics with the source I am Redneck, Hear Me Roar?
1 Rednek I'm Not Skrillex (Album Remix) Dubstep 2012
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