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DJ G-I-S - Inner Demons lyrics

I live in a world of facts, of close attention to detail
No matter how confusing the mystery
No matter how difficult the puzzle
The answer is always seen and the end is natural as rain
Everything, every process, no matter how complex
Is a piece of reality in the end
And the design can be understood
All things can eventually be explained.
But maybe some facts are in the eye of the beholder
And maybe some explanations are not of this world
- Help me!

Welcome to hell

I lived in a world of facts
Of a reality that I thought I understood
I believed I was the center of the design
And I was certain that I knew all the answers
But now I face the truth about what I've done to hurt those around me
And in hurting them what I've done to myself
I've confronted my own demons
And now the only thing I know for certain
Is that I will live with them forever


Cover: DJ G-I-S - Inner Demons
  • Inner Demons / The Forbidden Room

  • Year
  • 2007

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From the movie 'Hellraiser: Inferno' (2000).
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