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The Hellacopters - Paul Stanley lyrics

Hound dogs, they are fighting
In a room with a ten lock door
Waitin' for the second sighting
Plastered to a wall in a store

They got dope, they got high
But they never tell the reasons why
Come clean, sisters amphetamine
Has gone astray

Manhog takes a look in the mirror
Skins it up around 4:25
Still the picture's not getting clearer
Walks away, rips the joint, takes the dive

If you can't cope, you can hide
But they'll never let you in on their side
Come clean, sisters amphetamine
Has gone away

Come clean, fade away the scene
Stay clean, perpetuate all means
Electric dreams, guitars quarantine
I'm gone away

Cover: The Hellacopters - Paul Stanley
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  • Year
  • 1999

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