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Geck-o - Raketjes lyrics

T-minus fifteen, fourteen, thirteen
Twelve, eleven, ten
We are go for Main Engine Start
Seven, six, and Main Engine Start
Three, two, one, zero
And lift-off!

Gazing outside, we can understand why mankind has looked
Towards the heavens with awe and wonder
Since the dawn of human existence
We can comprehend why our countrymen have been driven
To explore the vast expanse of space

Cover: Geck-o - Raketjes
  • A New Wave

  • Year
  • 2015

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Genre: subground
The countdown sample is from the Space Shuttle STS-26 Discovery Launch in 1988. The mission was later known as the "Return To Flight" mission since it was the first after the Challenger disaster.
The "Gazing outside" sample is from a speech by Discovery astronaut John M. Lounge, broadcasted during the "Return to Flight" mission, paying tribute to the Challenger crew.

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