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Mark With a K ft. Maegan Cottone - Fly lyrics

Let's go

You make me fly

Let's go
Hey [?x]

My head is in the clouds, oooh
Since the day we've met, feels like love I've never known
Even if I try, I cannot deny
You got my feet lifting off the ground, the ground
And nothing's gonna bring me down, baby
It's like paradise, me and you tonight
I'd rather be with you than anywhere, in the air, in the air
You make me fly [4x]
Let's go

Wishing, wishing on a star
Follow Venus, follow Mars
You can find me flying high
Lovesick you and I
Buy a ticket to the moon
Promise that you'll meet me soon
Broke heart, hope to die
Make a wish, you make me fly

Let's go


Let's go
Hey [?x]

Cover: Mark With a K ft. Maegan Cottone - Fly
  • Fly

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  • 2012

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#3 Daily Jumpstyle

duyfken 4 years, 11 months ago
Unknowns finally completed with direct confirmation from Mark With A K :woo:
BlueBerry 4 years, 12 months ago
First [...] = Wish you'd, wish you'd never stayed
Second [...] = You can find me flying high
third [...] = (Gotta?) take you to the moon, promise that you'll meet me soon
There's a line after that which I can't quite understand.
Though I'm only certain that the "promise that.." and "make a wish.." lines are correct, and would have tried to change the other lines to fit them somewhat.
Or try contacting Mark With a K :)
Thanks for the help!
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