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Ane Brun - Undertow (Andrew Bayer Remix) lyrics

I must follow
These movements wherever they go
I've been trying
So hard, I've been swimming so long
I'm caught in your undertow
Caught in your undertow

I'm so tired
I must get up for air
But I can't find it
What's up or what's down out here
I'm caught in your undertow
Caught In your undertow

Take me out to sea
Away from you and me
Let me float
Lead me out to sea
Let me go
Let me rise towards the sky
Let me take in this light

I'm caught in your undertow [2x]

Cover: Ane Brun - Undertow (Andrew Bayer Remix)
  • Undertow (Andrew Bayer Remix)

  • Year
  • 2012

  • Genre

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"Andrew Bayer's remix of 'Undertow', which was originally an uncommissioned bootleg. ANE BRUN instantly fell in love with the track after becoming aware of it when trance trio Above & Beyond made it their Record Of The Week on their weekly Trance Around The World radio show, currently heard around by some 30 million listeners across the globe. She contacted Bayer, who's based in Washington DC and has carved a reputation as a DJ and producer for his experimental progressive house sound, and an official release was swiftly agreed by both parties.
'Undertow (Andrew Bayer Remix)' was released as a download only on July 14 2012."

- Youtube description to "Ane Brun - Undertow [Andrew Bayer Remix]"
(Source [January 28, 2015])

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