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Bass Modulators - Interception (Official Hard Bass Team Blue OST) lyrics

You are intercepted

- Revealing the incredible extent to which the U.S. government
Is monitoring and keeping records of not just our phone calls
- They cause harm to our national security interests are a problem
A serious problem
- Even if you're not doing anything wrong
You're being watched and recorded
- We begin today with the news that British intelligence agency
The GCHQ has been collecting images
- Plugging directly to facebook, google, youtube, yahoo
And five other big names
In short, a direct line into your online life (life [?x])

You are intercepted

Cover: Bass Modulators - Interception (Official Hard Bass Team Blue OST)
  • Hard Bass 2015

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  • 2015

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#7 Daily Hardstyle

Official preview, the lyrics represent this version:

The speeches from the middle of the track in chronological order:
Jake Tapper
A spokesman for President Obama
Edward Snowden
I couldn't find the fourth one.
Anderson Cooper
2 lyrics with the source Edward Snowden
1 Xaero Downfall Hardcore/Gabber 2014
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