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The Relic - Frame Of Mind lyrics

They just talked to me, you know?
They got more annoyed, mean as hell
Drove me a little nuts
And one day I kinda lost it and
No see, that's it, that's it!
You're going about this totally wrong, I can smell it on you
The fear, man, the fear short-circuits your brain
Stops you from thinking, from listening

It's got you on the run, but you gotta face it
You gotta welcome it, yes!
Because the longer you wait, the more pissed off it gets
And the anger drives it
It gives it the power to affect things, physical things
Then, then, it can really hurt you
So think, what does it want?
Cover: The Relic - Frame Of Mind
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  • 2008

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From the movie "Stir of Echoes 2: The Homecoming" (2007).

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