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D-Passion - Designed To Fail lyrics

You have ruined everything
And for what?

You know what they say about the past

What the fuck are you doing?

How do you see yourself?

You're saying it's cool
Well, it's not cool
And when you're around me
I don't wanna hear that shit
We clear?

What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with all of you?
Since when is winning not enough?
Playing hard not enough?

That's me baby, that's me
I did that
I drew that up

Can't stop that
Can't stop that!

Run it again

To the baseline
To the baseline!

I see a system
That's designed for you to fail

Cover: D-Passion - Designed To Fail
  • Put Things Right

  • Year
  • 2006

  • Genre

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From the movie 'Coach Carter' (2005)
zup 10 years, 8 months ago
Added the missing lyrics (and source) ;)
Tepo 10 years, 8 months ago
Where's the rest of the lyrics? :(
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