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S1ngular - Therapy lyrics

I'm just going for the music

When I go to a nightclub, you know
I'm not going for the fire that's coming out of the walls
I'm not going there to go be in the VIP area
Fucking champagne
Nah, I'm not going for none of those reasons to tell you the truth, you know

I don't need big breaks
And a big song with a build-up and lights and smoke
Fuck all that, man
I don't need none of that shit

I'm just going for the music [2x]

I got enough problems on my own, man
With women and jobs
Man, I just wanna have a drink
And just, and just sit back, man, and be by myself
And just nod my head to some good music

Man, I don't wanna be fucked
With all by, like, all lights and dressing nice
I'm just a regular guy, you know
Who walks into a club and wants to hear a groove
All different types
My life ain't gonna change tonight
I'm just going for the music

Music [?x]

I'm just going for the music [3x]

Cover: S1ngular - Therapy
  • Qulthelden EP

  • Year
  • 2014

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Genre: subground
Salva 8 years, 1 month ago
If you haven't noticed, changing the source we lose the connection to the other 3 lyrics with the same source, so please leave as it is now! ;)
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