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Cubic Nomad Ft. Emma Susanne - The Elements lyrics

We are now far beyond your mortal vision
Beyond the earthy horizon
In the unknown corners of a secret outer realm
A place where my spirit will guide Thee
Towards our destined meeting place
Where I shall cover you like the branches of an abandoned tree
And instill within you, my undying [..]

This long wait shall never tear nor break us
For the elements of air, fire, earth and water
Are now my eternal companions
Thus never are we alone for the pure material states
Of this parallel existence carry us
Flowing through rivers pure
Hovering the blue air and growing from the earth
As the most delicate flowers of the highest compassion

Your name is called out with love
By each atom inhabiting this unforeseen dreamverse
A love as unique as undiscovered human soul
The fragility of earthy existence is unknown here
While the multiple suns cast their crystal light
Lightning up even the deepest and darkest of caverns
Blessing this pure dreamscape as an infinitely burning coal

Cover: Cubic Nomad Ft. Emma Susanne - The Elements
  • Forgotten Grounds

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  • 2013

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