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Cubic Nomad Ft. Emma Susanne - Forgotten Grounds lyrics

As the thunder roared from the hovering black clouds above the earth
A lightning strike was cast signalling a paranormal birth
Causing a deep cratering of the ground, lifting it miles high
And throwing many layers of earth around
With it scattering the pure elements of sound
After the event which let many earthly inhabitant astounded
The high powers of the universe chose the seekers
To collect the fragments now lost
Drowned and littered in all directions of forgotten grounds

The seekers and the chosen, the cubic nomads
Rising from their material lives deeply frozen
Dedicate their lives to the search and collection
Of the lost fourth dimension
Unravelling the language of gods
And finding the key of the spiritual gateway
Formed the reason of their immersion

Forever seeking the cubic nomad undertakes a life long travel
Crafting his own machinery and black smoke
Reeking, attempting to make the hidden secrets of sound unravel
From mountain tops littered in snow with bare oxygen
Running in the air flow
Towards dark forests and islands' crown
By volcanoes active with mighty lava blows
Through canyons and endless deserts
Roasted by a sadistic sun
Through deep oceans and ice caverns
Where time seems equally frozen
Making the blood stopping its fluid run

The cubic nomad realizing his divine but ultimately trying mission
Sets forth in order to collect the crystals
Diamonds and pearls invisible but ever hearable
By their pure and aural emission
If he fails in his task the scattered and hidden elements
Will serve as a black curse
Slowly nashing away the earth
Putting humanity in a restless state
While reducing them into self-destructing animals
As their final worth

Cover: Cubic Nomad Ft. Emma Susanne - Forgotten Grounds
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