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Cubic Nomad Ft. Emma Susanne - Demonic Karma lyrics

As the puzzles of sound are unravelled and put together
Like candles before a spiritual rite
They fuse a mingle among themselves to form the language of a god
Which reflects through the sun and planets its light
Wish to undertake their divine plight
Through the four corners of the Earth
Mankind is witness of an imminent change
As deeply reaching as the atomic range
The black clouds enshrouding the Earth like a curtain of shame
And demise begin to break apart
Revealing an azure blue heaven
Setting the ground for a fertile start

A phantomic angel was seen, gracefully playing her part
The once dying forest sharing the earth
Occurs in overtaking by demonic karma
Regained their last scream while flowers grow in all shapes and colours
As a result of the blossoming [..]
The seas regained their calm and the world
Once on the verge of self destruction comes to terms
Healing their past wounds with a holy bond

The restlessness of humankind withers like dead leaves
Blown away far by the wind of the now long forgotten spring
The divine answers to a long resting spiritual peace
Are reflected from the interactions of the sun
Stars in nature with mankind
The language of sound becomes the universal language of man
Which was once long blind

Cover: Cubic Nomad Ft. Emma Susanne - Demonic Karma
  • Forgotten Grounds

  • Year
  • 2013

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