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Tuneboy Feat E-Life - Devotion lyrics

Well, well

Let me try to explain you something
Let's go

Let me try to explain you something
You're looking for the words
But you can't find them, you know why?
Sometimes sensations cannot be explained
Because words to describe them just do not exist
These impressions may feel like a little tingle at first
And only last for a split second
But then this enormous pounding starts
Like waves rumbling through every inch of your body
This is hardstyle, this is what it does
You feel the impact when it hits you, but you feel no pain
And that's when you close your eyes and create your own reality
You close your eyes and dance
Dance like there's nobody watching, like nobody is around
And even though it's dangerous to lose your mind
You should never be afraid to let go
Because the moment you're able to lose yourself
That's the exact you know it is all worth it
I devote myself to this religion
Hardstyle is my church

Yeah, follow me
Hardstyle is our church

Yeah, let's go

Cover: Tuneboy Feat E-Life - Devotion
  • Devotion

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