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Overdrums - Information lyrics

Check it out!


Check it out!

I have some revealing information
For parents tonight about teenage drug use
New survey shows marijuana
Is not so popular anymore
But the use of other drugs like ecstasy is up

It's like floating

A club drug growing in popularity among teens
Experts say the pills can cause
Learning problems, brain damage, even death

Is it like a wave?
Or is it like a zoom?
It's like floating

Hey man
How's the ground down there? and shit

I got it
Holy shit
Fuck yeah
Holy shit

Ecstasy is up

Everybody just scream!

Check it out!

Everybody just scream!
Ecstasy is up

Check it out!

Cover: Overdrums - Information
  • //Information

  • Year
  • 2003

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1 Triax Fallen Angels Hardcore/Gabber 2006
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