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Splinta Feat. Desudo - Gearbox Anthem 2014 lyrics


Bring forth this sound [2x]

From beyond the crooked cracks in hell
A cursed sound begins to bubble and swell
Enlighten our souls, bring peace to our troubles
Bring forth this sound, break free from this rubble
And let the noise ooze violently from the plates of our stone
And seek vengeance upon the earth's industrial drone
And as the venal machine lays siege on your brain
The sound from the underground eases our pain
Pray for the revolt that persists in its fight
And Gearbox will power it into the light

Gearbox powers us into the light [2x]
Gearbox owns the night!

Gearbox owns the night!

Bring forth this sound

Gearbox owns the night!


Cover: Splinta Feat. Desudo - Gearbox Anthem 2014
  • Gearbox Anthem 2014

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  • 2014

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