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Alphaline & Disane - Desire To Dream lyrics

The desire to dream

I've been shocked
The world is shaking
As critical mass weighs heavy
I am reminded that hope is cupped in an illuminated hand

The garden smells of jasmine
The dog smells like rosemary


The desire to dream [2x]

I am reminded that hope is cupped in an illuminated hand
In the face of fear
The desire to dream

Cover: Alphaline & Disane - Desire To Dream
  • Desire To Dream

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  • 2014

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This euphoric collaboration between Alphaline & Disane is released on Infected Section Records.

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Artist: Alphaline & Disane
Title: Desire to Dream (Original Mix)
Label: Infected Section
Releasedate: 10-03-2014
Format: Digital

Written & produced by:
Ivan Savinov & Marco Franke

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v3nd3tta 4 years, 12 months ago
I like this, another! :)
Call me V.
Disane 5 years ago
thanks man and thank you for the warm welcome :P
Salva 5 years ago
Hey there!

Always good to see producers submitting their own lyrics on our site, welcome here! However, I edited the lyrics a little bit (according to our site rules) and also added the source.
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