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Decipher & Shinra - Casualties Of War lyrics

Kick it
Inflictin' composition
I be kicking
Inflictin' composition

Pistol whip [12x]
New jacks I pistol whip 'em with the funky rhythm I be kickin'

Who still gone?
Who restin' in peace?

I live fast
Hustle like today is my last
I get cash
This struggle's like a day on the Ave

I'm from the home of a million legends and trend settin'
A lot of footsteps to follow, I've been steppin'
Mind stressin' tryin' to find a record crime shreddin'
Time precious, I ain't have rest since nine eleven
Crack bein' raw, gats squeezin' off
Manhattan squeezin' off, from cats who tease with war (war [?x])
Here the man come with the anthem, hands up

All everybody talk about is who got beef
Who came home, who restin' in peace

I be kicking
Inflictin' composition

Who came home
Who restin' in peace, uh

Cover: Decipher & Shinra - Casualties Of War
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  • 2012

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