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Digital Fauna - Mekka lyrics

To create an artificial being has been the dream of man
Since the birth of science
Not merely the beginning of the modern age
When our forbearers astonished the world
With the first thinking machines
Primitive monsters that could play chess
How far we have come

The artificial being is a reality
Of perfect simulacrum
Articulated in limb, articulate in speech
And not lacking in human response
A sensory toy
With intelligent behavioural circuits
Using neurone-sequencing technology as old as I am

I believe, on mapping the impulse pathways in a single neurone
Can enable us to construct a Mecca of a qualitatively different order
I propose that we build a robot who can love

Cover: Digital Fauna - Mekka
  • Machine EP

  • Year
  • 2012

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#6 Daily Hardtrance

From the movie 'Artificial Intelligence: AI' (2001).

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