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Side E-Fect & Splinta - Lose It lyrics

Lose it


Lose it [3x]


Lose it (lose it [?x])

You cannot monitor my money, I'll monetarily astonish ya
So what's with the bad comments and all the drama for?
I can produce a picture, stop with the truce and hit ya
I'm at the top, but I can be poppin' and shootin' with ya
Chip on my shoulder now, "Mr. Nice Guy" is over, wow
To a ritzy and older style from ditsy and Gomer Pyle
Look at my checks swell, chicks with wet tails
Ready to rock it, in my pocket got the Trojan Magnum XL's

Everybody in the party will lose it


Lose it [3x]


Lose it

Cover: Side E-Fect & Splinta - Lose It
  • Lose It

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  • 2013

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