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Mark With a K - My Life lyrics

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Mark With A K - The Next Level

I still remember my childhood as it was yesterday
Fantasising about how my life would be
Who or what I would become

So far in life I made several choices
Some were good, others were really wrong
But there's one choice I will never regret
That is the day when I decided I wouldn't play along
That I wouldn't just follow the rules
Fuck all these rules, fuck all these wannabes

This is my life and I'm gonna live it by my own rules
I don't need no one telling me what to do
No need anyone to give me some good advise
'Cause you know what?
My name is Mark With A K
And I'm about to take you to the next level

Cover: Mark With a K - My Life
  • The Next Level

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  • 2013

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