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Dyprax - Savage Society lyrics

It was the remains of a fourteen year old that showed the brutal truth about the raid
The head was severely blackened from burning over a fire

Case of cannibalism

The truth

No matter how compelling
It's all circumstantial
It's as fragmented as the bones themselves


Traps I set are, in the end, just for the purpose of capturing specters
They both carried an inhuman darkness within them
This time, we face a more powerful target
Target, target, yes
What's even worse than the darkness is
That he's not even aware of his terrible sins



Killing society

It's as fragmented as the bones themselves


The truth

Killing society

Cover: Dyprax - Savage Society
  • Exorcism EP

  • Year
  • 2013

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duyfken 9 years, 11 months ago
Yeah, I don't know where that mob gets those transcripts but they're definitely not the aired, iTunes released or DVD version of that episode (S02E02) of Warehouse 13 or any episode surrounding it, strangely nor does it match any air date for an episode of Warehouse 13 ... so definitely not a trustable source either way.
Salva 9 years, 11 months ago
Found that part here: http://livedash.ark.com/transcript/warehouse_13-%28mild_mannered%29/8058/SYFYP/Monday_July_19_2010/376745/

But I can't add this Tv-series as a source, it totally confuses me, one episode in this series is ~40 mins long and these quotes appear in the script at 50 mins, if I download a subtitle for this episode, there arent any trace of these sentences.. :dunno:
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