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Shockwave - Not This Time lyrics

I can't have you
Not this time

(I can't)

Not this time

I needed to get hurt
The fuel burns better
Was running on a false hope
That we could be together

The weakness has been broken
But it's left an aching pain
What was I expecting
I just know we're not the same

When I shut my eyes
I still feel you in my arms
And it's you I want
But I can't have you
Not this time

Not this time

I can't have you
Not this time

Cover: Shockwave - Not This Time
  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

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  • Approved by Salva

"We'll give away this FREE TRACK when we reach 3000 likes at Facebook. The reason we're giving this track away is because we weren't able to clean the vocals."


Vocals by Neev Kennedy & Beat Service

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