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Neelix - Little Stevie lyrics

I just wanna say I started playing bass when I was about 2 years old

Right about now ladies and gentlemen we'll like to continue with our show
I introduce to a young man that's only twelve years old
And he is considered as being a genius of our time
Happy with a nice ovation as we meet and greet

Hey guys we have a winner now

Music to me is a language
Musical language has half as many letters in the alphabet
So it should be that much easier, the thing we have to do
In my opinion what we need to do
It's just to approach music the same way we approach a language
And take all the walls and difficulties out of it
And just have fun with it, I guess that's the answer to everything I do
I just make it as fun as possible

Don't stop [?x]

Hey guys we have a winner now

Don't stop [?x]

Cover: Neelix - Little Stevie
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Pain 6 years, 10 months ago
Thanks for the help!
Va fan, intrige!
lolol 7 years ago
yeah but not only piano ... dude
by the way it matches with the 12 year old genius
Predaking 7 years ago
Stevie Wonder plays piano dude
lolol 7 years ago
i think it's about stevie wonder
but i don't lnow the right documentation or video
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