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Activator - Winter Song lyrics

If you say you need me now
I can't come back
So I leave with empty love
You're not the same

We've been through this, time and time
You haven't changed
Wanna be all by myself
Don't find it strange

You'll never know what life can be
Just thrive and you'll receive all the best
It's gonna take some sacrifice
But when do you realize I won't be there?

Leaving now
I'm leaving you
I'm leaving now
I can't wait any longer
Won't wait any longer, no

You know I'm leaving now
You'll know the new
I'm leaving now
I assure you we grow stronger
I will be much stronger

Cover: Activator - Winter Song
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LucypherMetin2 8 years, 5 months ago
Hi, I think these lyrics say:

"We've been through this time and time
You haven't changed"

"I'm leaving now"
You'll know me new"

"I'll show you we'll be stronger
I will be much stronger"
Appelfap 10 years, 9 months ago
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