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Nicumo - Follow Me lyrics

Distract the guards
With sound of a breaking glass
Let's run when they're not watching this way
This is our
get-outta-jail pass
Years in the damp dungeon
Makes you feel little paranoid
Everyone's against you
They're planning something
This is the point where's
ain't no turning back
Take my hand and let me lead the way
Freedom waits ahead
Follow me, follow me
Into the darkness
Follow me, follow me
Peel off all the remains of disgrace
Follow me, follow me
Do you hear the barking of the dogs
Dear god we're safe
Do you hear the cars,
The guns, anything at all?
Keep whispering, you'll never know
They might be near,
I can almost hear
Maybe in that lightbulb,
hiding in that glow

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  • Sep 7, 2013

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