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Workaholic - Just Us lyrics

Work my way through them pantyhose,
no hands but her demands I handle those,
swear she ain't nothing like these other hoes,
type I never ever ever ever seen before,
her own category like a thornless rose,
little more beautiful when the morning rose,
beauty's exposed but her heart is closed,
she burning head to toe but her heart is cold.
Her goldilocks reflects her personality,
smile and walk away, so much of brutality,
touch and make you fall in love is her speciality,
body so good she make you wanna study her anatomy,
and hmmm she ain't just another one to me,
hold my shawty down like mother nature's gravity,
beyond insanity losing it gradually till the death of me,
she's the one for me, so intimate and into me,
physically sculpted like a goddess, to be quite honest,
no body part I wouldn't kiss, if not bite on it,
shes an assassin when she dress to kill,
like a marksman when she puts on the heels,
how I'd caress her body when I tell her how I feel,
with kisses on the neck she won't deny my sex appeal,
slow through foreplay straight to the AM,
delicate motions till the sun rising,
not a bad bitch she's too good to be dissed,
love it when she turn around a blow me a kiss,
and the smell of her hair, I could go down the list,
just a glimpse of her love and I ought to persist,
full package I got the delivery, right at my door in a tiny lingerie,
fuck spending a night she could spend a century,
till the end of time shawty gon' remember me.

She's calling on my phone
And she wants me to come home
She needs my body
Because she is feeling kinda lonely
One touch and you know tonight it's on-onnnnnnnn,
Just us ain't nobody else arou----ounnddddddddd
No lust, girl you gon fall in lo---ovveeeeeee ,
No rush, baby Girl just take it sloo---ooowwwwwwww
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  • Sep 6, 2013

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