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Circle Of Ouroborus - The Longest Wave lyrics

Freezing, melting, freezing
Losing, finding, seeking
Coiling this endless string
To never face the spring

No past and no future
Only crippled circles of nature
Limping through slush and spleen
All diluted and dull and clean

Birds fly backwards
Beast vomits prey
Every scale is bursting
A seed made of clay
A sun is pale and weak
A moon is ablaze
A tide is turning
I do not know my face

See the blossoming flowers and the frost
See the useless birth and loss
See the snow so dark and gray
Light the night, kill the day

I try to find the world through this pane
I see myself and I feel the pain
Veiled reflections to undergo
The face of Prometheus I now know

The longest wave
Is this walk
Between the light
And the shadow
The longest wave
Is this walk
Between the light
And the shadow..

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  • Aug 27, 2013

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