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Anthem Of Silence - Wheel's Eye lyrics

The wheel's eye has brought you this far
So if you feel like you're lazy then you are
And you can drop all your hatred for words
'Cause it don't do a thing but relieve you
Of seeing how to speed through these meaningless things
When you need to be heard

When you see things as they truly are
Then you can feel them with rhythm and awe
And could it be what you're hearing is you?
It's been you all along
It is you after all who is actually sitting here singing this song

I know there's demons been speaking to you
And everything you know they know it too
Instead of fighting invite them to come along
Because the best trick they know is to get dressed in your clothing
They're savage and brutal but long to be loved

So if the feeling's been hitting you hard
And you feel you can't get very far
May I remind you to try not to hurry?
'Cause things happen just as fast as they happen
You can't slow down or go backwards
And there's no need to worry

  • Year
  • 2009

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  • Aug 27, 2013

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#2 Daily Rock

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