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I, The Writer - To Be A Man lyrics

Do you remember all those times,
I sat waiting at the window waiting for your call?
And I sat patiently for hours on end,
How could I put all my faith in you for you to never show?

Now don't worry father I understand,
What it means to be a man,
(Are you proud of me?)
I am proud of this,
I know times were hard,
Leaving us feeling low,
But remember how I feel,
(Are you proud of me?)
I am proud of this.

Now don't worry father I don't blame you,
(We taught ourselves all of this)
I was created to help out you,
All the pain you held I held it too,
(But never had patience for)
Do you understand that the man I am, I turned out just fine,
I always wondered what life could be like if you were here each day and each night.

Stand up!
As all your securities have been swept away by the flood,
Look up!
We've been at the bottom too long and we've had enough.

In times alone I had to make,
The choices that made me,
To break and rebuild was all necessary.
Now I'm all grown up and I can see,
The messes that you've made,
Will never take this world from me.

We are our father's sons, no matter what they've done.

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  • Aug 24, 2013

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