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Above Us The Waves - This I Ever Get lyrics

I mean no harm but what's coming is relentless
Nothing remains the same
But I need to stand a chance in this
I become shelter and you whistle carefree

I flirted with ruination
I walked two steps ahead of my fate
I played cards with the devil
But couldn't tell no difference

It's in the headlines and you still ask me why, why
I chose to end this fight alone
There are bottoms to be found in every turn you take
There is high risk in every page you turn

It ends today my sins are vanished
You're just shades of grey and that's killing me
I don't miss the weight I had to leave behind
I have the sun on my back, I got rid of the whys

We all weight the burden of our guilt
With our personal measures and the way we lived
When the tide comes in
Who can assure you that you'll keep afloat

And it all gets slipped away
As life throws barricades
Is this a need to escape or a chain to a baleful tomorrow [2x]

It's in the headlines day after day
Just failed to meet your hopes
There are bottoms to be found in every turn you take
Let it be a lesson in life

You know it's hard to relate to the pain of others
But when the lights go out the cries will have the deepest sympathy
This armor's thick but I've grown fond of its imperfections
The design was flawed and the cuts made themselves at home.

Cover: Above Us The Waves - This I Ever Get
  • Anchors Aweigh

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Aug 24, 2013

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