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Vazard - G.I.R (Delete Remix) lyrics

- It's time we did something about your behavioral glitches, GIR
- Waffles!

Oh, it's GIR!


No more distractions, GIR, attack the human!
This time on a dangerously high setting!

- GIR, attack!
- Yes, sir!

- I’m going to attempt to lock you into Duty Mode
With this behavioral modulator
- I will make you suffer large, alien!

- GIR, attack!
- Yes, sir!

- Sir, target is a hologram and therefore not a threat to our mission!
- And what is our mission, GIR?
- Blend in with the indigenous life
Analyze their weaknesses
Prepare the planet for the coming badness!
Yay (yay [2x])

Yes, yes, yes!
With you fully functional and by my side
We shall rule this world sooner than without you by my side
Not being funny
Ahh, let’s get outta here

You are no commander
You are a threat to the mission
Your methods are stupid
Your progress has been stupid
Your intelligence is stupid
For the sake of the mission
You must be terminated

Situation at the public library
Flying metal child draining the brains of citizens
Respond immediately!

Oh, it's GIR!
I've got to stop him before he ruins everything
That horrible robot!

Oh, it's GIR!


- [..] waffles!!
- I'm not going to eat that!
Cover: Vazard - G.I.R (Delete Remix)
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Rez 6 years, 6 months ago
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