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Based On A True Story 1 - Recent Heartbreak lyrics

I had, no intention to be what I was now
It was a little too sudden,
And it happened outta no where, I thought that this was meant to be
But I guess that I was wrong little miss _____
Fill the blank with your name and rhyme it with the last line
I thought that this was possible for you to be mine
It's been about 2 years since we last met
And it was something that I couldn't forget
Cause you looked so pretty and I finally noticed it
I held myself back from starting a relationship
But 2 years passed and we reunited
You're beauty sparkled even better, I was feeling delighted
Gave a hug and said hi, but I had to leave
I felt my phone vibrating from a text I received
And it was you, saying that it was nice to see me
You wanted to come over to talk and visit me
So we posted in your car for 2 hrs catching up
Talking bout our life and a bunch of other stuff
It wasn't awkward cause I felt we automatically clicked
Ever since that night I knew had to make you my chick
So I asked if you wanted to hangout on the next day
And you said that you did
So I took you out, to the beach for some fresh air
Walked around the sea port almost everywhere
Then we went to the lake, sitting down throwing rocks
Having fun, laughing out, had a real great talk
Right then I knew, that you was feeling me too
I just sensed that you did and my assumption was true
So we talked on the phone and you told me what you felt
Girl I felt like ice cream cause you made me melt
The next day it was different, I sensed a change
The way that you were talking, felt kinda strange
You didn't wanna see me and you made up excuses
I threw myself at you cause I didn't wanna lose this
The night fall came, and you dropped me with a text
You already had a boyfriend and I couldn't be next
Cause you felt that I was too nice and too good
And you didn't wanna hurt me, which aint something you could
You hurt me from the fact that you didn't wanna be with me
I felt my heart rush like I was going through a tragedy
You said you really liked me but you didn't know what to do
You said I'm really different and I stood out to you
I don't get it, cause youre sad at the moment
You didn't wanna take me, youre the one that had to blow it
You say alotta shit, but do you really even mean it
You wanted me as your man, but I cant even be it
I like you and I'm feeling you
It's so genuine, a feeling only held for you
You ignored me for a few days, and then you came back
Cause you saw me at the place you was working at
Youre feelings never changed, you felt the same way
So I knew that everything was finna be okay
I asked you to come over after work gets done
And you said no, but then decided to come
Because I lied about how I had a present for you
As you leaned towards my side, I went to go and kiss you
A few seconds passed, I went to kiss you on the cheek
And then you did the same back, then our lips went to meet
A couple days later, you came over to my pad
It started feeling good but it ended up sad
We did some things together and it made you feel mad
You said you wanna end it cause you thought that this was bad
You never wanna talk to me or see me again
And you even took it far enough to not be my friend
You was fighting to leave, but then I kept you inside
I started playing piano with you right by my side
You felt very happy like you was in a bliss
I got up and you looked at me and just gave me a kiss
So then we started kiss, and I felt that we was back
But I guess that I was wrong, it wasn't a fact
So you left my home, cause you gave this all up
Didn't give me a hug, just walked off with your middle finger up

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  • Aug 19, 2013

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