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Iranni & Shintotari - World Domination - How To lyrics

Who's the one making a crying face all the time
Fight back as much as you were laughed at.
Before long, what I had picked up wasn't a bomb or a knife
Let's promise no matter what from now on..
Tear off that price tag on your back, This everyday, is like scrap
It's still too early to throw it away...

Today also on the platform of the stations last stop,
Tomorrow's me is still waiting, trembling
To welcome a dense a selfish master
No matter whether years pass and cars fly in the sky
even if years pass and machines can talk
Whatever you want to say, before you call it convenient,
please heal this wounded heart of mine.

If a missile flies in that sort of sky,
and I ask for happiness from such a thing,
I have to become a kind person
I wonder if i can affirm myself

even if I say I'll raise my head and face forward,
if it's dark, there's no front nor things.
being a lone, being with someone,
Loneliness can never change into loneliness

Singing a song about wanting to die
Like that again I was stabbed with a stake
But even then,
with only, that kind of action,
the words overflowing from my mouth,
no matter what I seem to do
I can't find them.

Today again just like this be absorbed into the arcade
it would be better if tomorrow never came
The final train's whistle annoyingly rings to me.
Even if i call love misfortune,
My true feelings will definitely be attacked by guilt

How is the current me
Really, there is nothing we can do
Someone like the annoying you
If a missile flies, in that sort of sky,
and my life flies from such a thing,
I have to become a kind person
I want to reaffirm myself
I have to become a kind person

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  • 2013

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  • Aug 17, 2013

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