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Endymion - The Core (Promo & Catscan Remix) lyrics

The boundaries
It's the core

It would be easy to kill you
But I have other uses for you
Give up, you are in my grasp
You do not have the power to move
Rest a while
Rest until the day of resurrection!
I hope that you appreciate the irony of this, master (...)
Your pupil should now be a servant for the force of darkness
Does it make you scream in your grave?
Does it make you curse me? Hate me?
Does it make you want to see me in hell where I belong?!
-Drop it
-The boundaries
It's the core
-Drop it
-Let's go

And now (...) lord of the underworld
Be ready to receive this sacrifice
-Drop it

-The boundaries
It's the core

Cover: Endymion - The Core (Promo & Catscan Remix)
  • Bio Acoustic Warfare

  • Year
  • 2001

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

  • Submitted
  • Feb 7, 2008 by Imil

Genre = Darkcore
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