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Of Concepts And Kings - The Oppressor lyrics

Decades away from this desolate place
In a world controlled by fear and hate
We have nothing left
Nothing left to fear, but fear itself

These are hopeless words from a liar's mouth

When the bomb dropped
We became what we hated
Set out to destroy
Instead we created

We're no longer just flesh and bones
We're soulless monsters
Built on broken homes

Clinging to crosses
And nonexistent tyrants
Living with a blind eye
To the neglected

Tremble in fear
At the sight of your future
Your world has fallen apart
Your aspirations wither,
At the price of your self-worth
They're all lost and forgotten
With nothing to turn to
No heroes, no god
There is nothing left for us.

Revolt against the words you choke on.
The hand of oppression's stranglehold will cease.

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  • Aug 8, 2013

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