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Pezz - New Math lyrics

And when your friends' eyes lock on you
Stare 'em down
And when the walls get built in front of you
Burn 'em down

To the ground...because I know myself and I think without a
word from you
Dow to the ground...now I won't be led around and I think
without a word from you
(I know right from wrong)
(I know where I belong)
(Without a word from you)

And when the die seems cast for you
Start a path
And when your friends they say you don't add up
Show 'em the new

Math...don't count me out...well add this now I'm not a pawn
like you
You...don't count me out well add this to your tally now that I
will never ever be a pawn like you
(I know that I am strong)
(I won't be strung along)
(I'm not a pawn like you)

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  • Aug 2, 2013

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