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Pezz - New Math lyrics

And when your friends' eyes lock on you
Stare 'em down
And when the walls get built in front of you
Burn 'em down

To the ground
Because I know myself
And I think without a word from you
Down to the ground
Now I won't be led around and I think
Without a word from you

(I know right from wrong)
(I know where I belong)
(Without a word from you)

And when the die seems cast for you
Start a path
And when your friends they say you don't add up
Show 'em the new

Math...don't count me out
Well add this now I'm not a pawn like you
You...don't count me out well add this to your tally now that I
Will never ever be a pawn like you

(I know that I am strong)
(I won't be strung along)
(I'm not a pawn like you)

  • Release
  • Warmth and Sincerity

  • Year
  • 1999

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Aug 2, 2013

Top achievedBETA
#6 Daily Rock

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