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Ibby Ft. Stunna - Make Me Say lyrics

I took a peek at u (pikachu) and what I saw was SHOCKING so I write u (raichu)
Maybe invite you over cuz damn girl I'd like to
Lay around roll a pound and then ignite two
To the music an get to it, yea that's the right mood
Todays the DAY I'll HOLLA at her call it a HOLIDAY,
something in my brains got me ON DELAY
Hurry up Abe, u aint got all day, ANDALE
Don't u wait
Press the play
I may just say
(Can u get awaaay)

Damn u look good
Yea and I think that u should
Know your damn fine
you Blow my damn mind
Every damn time
I see your damn eyes
gunna take u higher if WE start to decline
Its somthing WEED do and that's a punchline
Don't let girls wear my hats normally but its fine
Don't spill my heart on beats usually so try
To not
make me say.. It again girl

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  • Jul 31, 2013

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