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I Am Everest - Questions & Answers lyrics

It's a question unknown
am I alone
Are we alone?
And because nothing is near
this isn't clear
why are we here?

If this is real, then am I alone
Are we alone
And though we're so distant I feel like something is near
and that's why we're here.

Somewhere so far out of reach are secrets that someone can't keep
we're left in the dark
we don't know who we are
but the answers are few and far.

Its so hard not to just look away from everything everyone says.
I know I can't prove a thing
but I know I believe that it's not just us here.

But if there's nothing else
if there's none else, why am I so avid to find out that there is for myself
When nothing is certain
no one can obtain
the answer that's pumping the blood through my veins.

I have visions
of life as it is and I have foreseen, so many futures.
I can't help but wonder.

But on the days where I wonder
I look past the clouds.
I look up at the sun
I look up at the moon as they shine their light on us.
I look past the clouds into a world where we wonder.
Look at the sun
look at the moon as they shine their light on us.
That's when I know
I'm not alone.

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  • Jul 31, 2013

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