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Itzthedoc - Change lyrics

Just give me this chance
Give me this moment
I've been waiting my whole life just to own it
To make it mine, make it great
Maybe even stop some hate
Lets spread some love cause we know there's not enough
Lets make a change for a change, even if we have to rearrange
People in our life cause we know they aren't right
For out morals lets stand out ground
So that we aren't bound to the people that spread the hate
And Join people that appreciate who we are and who we'll be
Maybe they will see
Its time for a change

I need to change
I have lost my way
I've been gone for so long, been singing the same song
I have tried to change
Because I wanted to, because I needed to
But I cant change
I have lost my way
I need a new song so I can undo my wrong
So I can change
Because I said I could, because I would
So I did change
I did change

Mom look at me sailing as high as I can possibly be
You gave me a chance, you gave me a moment
It took me forever but I finally owned it
And with a tear in my eye and a gleam in my heart, I know I can finally start
Living my life the way I should, and in this moment I know I could
Be the one to make a change, be the one to rearrange
And make a difference in this life
With out the weapons like the knife
A simple hello can go a far way
Make people say hey
You just made a change

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  • Jul 19, 2013

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