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Steven Bonus - Letters To God lyrics

Dear God, my lord
My father, my savior
Please listen to the prayer
That I Scribble on this paper
I'm stuck between the noise and a suicide choice
So I pray for ya heavenly ears to hear my voice
All alone with a goal, I've had it rough
Cause sometimes a microphone and a soul ain't enough
Each syllable and decibel that comes out
Are pieces of an individual
Searching for a damn miracle a piece of help
To get
Rid of the sin cuz it's so irresistible
That's why I look to the heavens
Looking for a blessing
In the middle of my stress and
I feel like the world's about to
Ever since my pops left when I was 4 years old
Left this rusty penny alone to freeze in the cold
But little did they know, the penny turned into gold
With the help of a mother surviving the struggle
She gives you the world just to show that she loves you
Believes in your goa
Cause she knows that you gifted
So she battles against the pain
And every piece of the sickness
So I look around the city searching for truth
The City said mr
Bonus when you get in the Booth
You start planting your seed, so don't forget your roots
You wanna see greatness
I'm living breathing proof!
A villain to the game but to people I'm heroic
So in this game each day I'm devoted
Each word quoted til the casket closes
Cuz rap has rappers but not enough poets!
Countless nights, awaken by lucid dreams
And it seems, that I gotta gotta make it for the team
Cause they were the ones there when no one else believed
Cause the blessing that you give is the blessing you receive


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  • Jul 17, 2013

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