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Overflow - Out There lyrics

Take a look at creep out there
He's drawing something on his hand
He's waiting for his dreams to come
And he's sure he will succeed
He is sure he will be free
He'll touch her with the power of his mind

Maybe you don't mind
Maybe you don't care
But every time you open your mouth
I don't want you out there
Every step you take
Everything we share
Every little more
I don't want you out there

He's gotta little man with him
Engaged in looking to nothing
He's only here to be a little smaller
Everybody need this guy
Just because he's really shy
And he'll never tell you something wrong

Maybe you can't hear
Maybe you can't see
As long as you are with this guy
You will not be free
Every step you take
Everything you share
Look the bastard in his eyes
And you will see that he can't cry

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  • Jul 17, 2013

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