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Swift Style - Ima Go Out lyrics

[Pre Hook: x2]
Not gonna stay in Ima Go Out
Ima Act Wild Holla & Shout
Ima Have a Good Time, No Doubt
Having Fun is What it is all about

[Hook: x2]
Not gonna stay in Ima Go Out
Ima Go Out, Ima Go Out
Not gonna stay in Ima Go Out
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go Out

{Sir Syzko Tha Mastermind}
Im going out like a home run derby
I'm kinda of a big deal like Ron Burgundy
Sipping goose & Juice letting loose like some change
I'm Off too the Club like a driving range
My Confidence is through the ceiling
Ladies in the building looking mighty appealing
Wearing outfits that are so revealing
She got a big booty that she's concealing
I'm Flyer Than an Aircraft Carrier
I have no limits like an absent barrier
Pulling her hair while she shakes her Derriere
I'm just Enjoying this temporary affair
I don't chase em I just replace em
Where did they go? oh well I must have misplaced em
Cop and blow yeah drop it, drop it, drop it low
Yeah gone and get it, but I already got it tho
The World is mine I grind for my shine
I don't want her unless she's a nine or a dime
I mean what i say, I say what I mean
It's going down... submarine
Fresh and clean up on the scene
My homie big louie he walking with a lean
I'm Hyped up on caffeine, time to bounce like a trampoline

{Big Louie Da Polar Bear}
Im going out like suicide doors on the phantom
From the outside to the inside you can hear the anthem
Staying on my P's & Q's walking in my Mack shoes
My crews payed their dues got no time to lose
I introduce myself like the breaking news
Got strength like Zeus taking ladies by the twos
Im so gone I cant feel my face fall
Im out of here like a home run baseball
Going out of control like a kamikaze
Ima party all night so don't try to calm me
Booming Swift Style like it tried to bomb me
Mexican girls scream Ayye Papi when they on me
Staying inside being a home body is hella boring
We party hard & get loud like we're roaring
Im endowed by the alcohol thats over powering
Staying above everything in the clouds soaring
Im about to have an out of body experience
Im out here lit like a fiery of incense
The smell on my breath is liquor & rum
Ring the ladies on the cell...Quicker they cum
Got the munchies gonna hit a restaurant
Lift up to the party spot like an astronaut
The place is locked tight women like a zip lock
I keep my game tight I don't slip up on the block

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  • Jul 17, 2013

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