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Cane - Lazy Boy lyrics

Greetings! Kick back too intact
All up in this' jack
We flip rap like it is crap
Power like gym rack, clean, no wrist raps.
Burning rap in'
I'll be taking action probably
Cause I ball like back in my day
VA on my back, like back in bad day.
Huh, yeah boy, I cannot pull it!
No fronting on my business, bad bullet
I roll it like a Russian on it's last bullet
Sip Concorde grapes on my' and bullshit!
Kinda fancy, rhyme with the finest brandy
Womanizing, I am candy!
Fly from the tide to the I am..
No designer' but the style textbook.
Time' crown dog with the high head
Fight for all, bring your trap back, sorry!
My thoughts get side track
But just know that you couldn't block my shine without black
Never play them, took your hands tore them like'
Five a clock shadow in the AM
Yeah, I went from pig skin to the boss
But no game there from pen state in the state pen.

Kick back, lazy boy,
Kick back like a lazy boy!
Kick back like a lazy boy
Kick back!

Still cracking forty, open homie with the drinking
Cause I went over, I can never find a store with Old English.
Find a' linguist more extinguish than this feel
Wake up from a bad dream, thinking shit's real!
Chill, ain't nobody seeing me, homie
While you seem to be phony, they believe in me, homie!
I got the juice like a bloody glove
Same juice on the muddy rugs, show your body love!
Cause I'm out here, doing it, doing it
Even when I'm on your couch not doing shit!
I'm still worth more than you
And your whole damn crew
While you're out there persuading it.
Man, you really don't take much
All I gotta do is wake up!
Why you're thinking the shit to make up it's a shame
You're flat out fake, silicon A cups
And I'm the truth boy! I've been that since the youth boy
I get them lose, I make them juice
Your bitch trying to' but ain't shit new, boy!
Yeah, see what I did there?
Kick snare, you don't flip in mid air
The click's a bit there, we' like slick hair
Your shit isn't fair, I'm spitting that wit flare
Nature boy! Uh! That's what they say, 'em, boy!
Huh, they're going crazy, boy
And I'm just chilling in, my lazy boy!

Kick back, lazy boy,
Kick back like a lazy boy!
Kick back like a lazy boy
Kick back!
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  • Jul 16, 2013

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