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Cynthesis - Persistence Of Visions lyrics

Stepping into a hall deep, dark and wide
Rows and rows of screens
From what I can see,
These are metaphors of me
Straining, bending my ringing ears to hear
Fields and fields of screams
From what I understand,
This was always meant for me
Walking, I find myself right in the middle
Of an orgy of baseless ecstasy
From what I know is real,
This I wish I'd never seen
They dance out of time
In trance pantomimes
Romanced, lost in the lie
Pyres for those who criticize

Chimera shape shifters
Shards of jagged bits and broken pieces
Prosaic mosaics
Captured in timeless frozen freezes
They worship but are preyed upon
More victims of the soft kill

Floating down flickering avenues
My truth not far
Gravity pulls me in
Guided by a brilliant star

A great window, a tragic display
A vast vista, a game in play
Reveals how they lie to us in many ways
These bowed-down docile animals
Are born limited minimals
They deny our humanity every day

The dying are smiling in painless peace
Euthanized when their time is reached
Liberty this will never cease
Never cease - Never cease
Colossal clusters of man-machines
Detached, dispatched from reality
With mouths sewn shut, they are straining in vain
To shout out loud, out loud
A revelation of a predestined plague
How they were stricken to prematurely age
Do not deny us our sacred freedom
Destructive passion will crush this kingdom

His fist hits, breaks the screen
That showed all those horrific scenes
Through shattered glass he will pass
Phantasms, meet your iconoclast

Cover: Cynthesis - Persistence Of Visions
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  • 2013

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  • Jul 15, 2013

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