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Skybolt - So Many Wonders At Everfree lyrics

What is this place filled with so many wonders?
Casting its spell that I am now under
Emerald trees, and the clouds drifting softly
Cool ocean breeze, and the rivers of coffee

Coffee, coffee

What is this place filled with so many wonders?
Costumes and clothes like a forest of color
Stand patiently, while the badges are printing
So much to see, I can hardly stand waiting

Waiting, waiting

Hosted at the Hilton Resort
But we owe it all to the Pegas Corp
They had worked to make it the best it could be
Going three days straight with zero sleep

Oh what a magical place
Every guest and panel made the Front Page
Meeting up with friends from all over the world
From a cartoon made for little girls!

Yes, I love Ever free [2x]

Amy Keating and her Ukulele concert
Zipping her lips on the Season 4 spoilers
Peter and Andrea have a battle of Jenga
Failed surgery, and the hippos go flying

Flying, flying

Flushies that would fill you with glee
But those tchibi ones especially
All the merch and swag in everyone's hands
Not to mention best pony wrist bands

Oh, then begins the rave
Pony stock 13 was all the rage
Danced hard and late, made the building shake
Cause a measured earthquake

Yes, I love Ever free [6x]

Ever free

Oh what a magical place
All memories I could never replace
Switching up hotels like musical chairs
A Denny's filled with brownies everywhere

No place I'd rather be
All the friends that mean so much to me
Got my calendar marked, without delay
Ever free 14, I cannot wait

Yes, I love Ever free [2x]

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jul 15, 2013

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#7 Daily Rock

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