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Overflow - Friend lyrics

He will shake their hands
He'll pop into a room
He will try to make them happy
To act just like a fool

He is my friend
So good friend
His hands are shaking
He slowly gets up
The body's so heavy
But he can't lay back now

Dark things all around
The night is underway
He ain't no fool doesn't need no help
Doesn't need no wine to wash his hands

Bright line from somewhere
Naild him to the floor
The floor is cold but he ain't stupid
He will ask for some more

I won't try to make them happy
I won't ask for some more
Wait and see creeps falling
They will get what they want

In the night you remember
In the night you forget it
If there's something to give
There's noone to get it

I didn't want to take
Your good advice
In the night it was heard
In the night been forgotten
The body's so heavy
But he can't lay back now

Hate the laugh when nothing's funny
I think it is better on the floor
All I need is a little courage
All I need is what they want

  • Release
  • Extremely Perverted Fantasies of the Mad Milkman's Disordered Mind

  • Year
  • 1997

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 14, 2013

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